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Our Story – A Message from Our Founder

Target Metabolism’s founder, Beth Thompson, holds a B.S. in Kinesiology from Indiana University. She has been a lifetime athlete in competitive sports, and served as a Student Athletic Trainer while attending I.U. After her completion in 1998, Beth earned an A.S. in Paramedicine and has since served as a Paramedic in the Emergency Medical Services.

During her duties as Paramedic, Beth responded on many people suffering from cardiac and diabetic illnes

“Living” on an ambulance, she became very aware of the portion sizes at fast food restaurants, and their catastrophic effects on people medically and aesthetically. But then, as she continued to observe, she realized it was not just the fast food chains, it was everywhere; and America’s “fix” was not to limit portion sizes, but to limit certain categories of nutrients to “trick” the body into losing weight. This was very frustrating to watch.
As a result, Beth returned to school and earned a Teacher’s License in the State of Indiana for Secondary Health and Physical Education. It was her plan to enter a high school, and start changing the thinking of America’s youth.
But then her plan got bigger: She knew of a process called Indirect Calorimetry to test Resting Metabolic Rate. Some physicians and dietitians offer it to their critically ill patients, and it is also available to many elite athletes; but it is little known to the rest of the general public. Beth decided this service should be available to ALL people. She researched the equipment and invested in some of the only FDA approved equipment available. She surrounded herself with good people and developed Target Metabolism.

We now can bring these services to the public on a large scale. We are here for you. And Beth is so excited, because now she and her team can teach every day. Target Metabolism will help you learn about you… and it is through knowing your body, your metabolic rate, and your caloric needs, that you will achieve your goals!


One thought on “Our Story – A Message from Our Founder

  1. I would like further info on becoming a franchise owner

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